Paisley Awards 2017 NOMINATION TIME

2017 has been a great year for us doll lovers, a lot of people have joined the AG WordPress Blogging family, and while many have left us, quite a few are still making good quality posts. This is your host, the beautiful Paisley Penelope Parker of the Agdollawesome blog! Hello and Welcome, to the 2017…… Continue reading Paisley Awards 2017 NOMINATION TIME


Don’t miss the end. I have something special to share with you. I can read your mind.  In your mind, you’re going, “UGGH.  Another award post.”  And you’re yawning in complete boredom. However… This one has the potential to be something great!  You guys have been SO DARN SWEET to me, and you guys nominated…… Continue reading WE HAVE BEEN TAGGED AND AWARDED+ Announcemnt!