About This Blog, FAQ

I, Samantha, started this blog on April 7th, 2015, with the help of my Mom.  It is a safe, fun site where doll lovers everywhere and of all ages can see photostories, stopmotions, crafts, hairstyles, play ideas, and more for dolls! My content is always clean, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

This blog does have a few rules though.

For commenting on this website, we need to be aware of our actions.  I can delete any comment that does not follow these rules, and I have the power to block you from this blog if it repeats.  So be sure to follow these rules!

1. No cussing, swearing, or any dirty language.
2. Don’t post anything inappropriate or creepy.
3. Be kind and treat others with respect.


I have a right to delete any comment I see.  Thank you for reading, and please make sure that you follow these rules so that Agdollawesome can be a clean, friendly spot on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can I ask your opinion on what doll I should get next?

Absolutely!  As long as I have that doll, I can tell you which I would recommend for you.

Q.  Can you review a doll?

Sure, as long as I have that doll!  Just be sure to ask me in my newest post, and I’ll be sure to grant your request!

Q.What camera do you have?

I have a Canon Powershot 5×120 IS.

Q: How do I follow you?
Look over on my sidebar. If you have a WordPress account, you can click the follow button and all my new posts will appear in your reader! If you don’t have a WordPress account, you can enter in your email and all my new posts will be sent to you that way. Thank you for following me!

Any other questions?  Tell me down below so I can add it to this page!



5 thoughts on “About This Blog, FAQ

    1. Hi Loren!
      So I have a bunch of Crayola markers, and that’s usually what I use. I haven’t tried any other brand because I fear it won’t come off, but Crayola markers always come off with a damp washcloth. It’s fun to do doll makeup when it’s temporary. 😛 Thanks for asking!

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