Molly’s Opinions on Z. Yang and her Collection


Hello Hello, It’s time for the show!  ‘Sup, it’s me, Molly Anne Parker!  Now…today I will be telling you all my honest thoughts and opinions on the new Z.  Yang release.  But I will also be trying my very hardest to keep a secret about a certain new addition to the-


Oops.  It almost slipped!  Almost.  Oh yeah, a few more things, Sam, the human, will be writing in orange if she feels the need to, and I will be writing in normal.  All these stock photos belong to American Girl, but the ones of yours truly, were taken from Samantha.  (No duh)

Let’s get this show on the road!


Z. Yang Doll and Book~  115$


Holy Guacamole!  She’s BEAUTIFUL!

Don’t get any big ideas Molly, we’re not getting any new dolls for awhile because-

HAHAHAHA!  Even you almost let it slip!  Anyways, I think AG did a GREAT job with Z.

I love her top, but I actually already have her shoes. I just feel so bad that she can’t take off her underwear!  I mean, luckily Val-

MOLLY ANNE PARKER SHUSH YOUR MOUTH!  I knew I shouldn’t have let you do this!  

Well you did, so… Let’s move on!


Z’s Accessories~$32


Well, I really don’t like that I can see that the white jacket used to be with the former My AG Outfit accessories, the glasses are from TM, and the beanie is from the TM camping outfit.  A lot of recycled pieces, but at least they look good on the doll!

I think that scarf would go great with Val-

Why Molly?!  Just STICK to your opinions ON THE PRODUCTS.  

Sheesh, okie dokie!FFD95_Z_Easy_Breezy_Outfit_1

Z’s Easy Breezy Outfit~28$



I LOVE THIS!  The headband has stars on it, the flannel is so modern, the floral print jeans are adorbs, and THE SNEAKERS ARE JUST… ADGDFSGFL

I wish I could have this, but-

I’m too broke Molly!

WELL THEN get un-broke so I can buy myslef a new outfit!  You blew all your money on a new sis-

SEE!?  I STOPPED MYSELF THERE!  I am SO good at this!

Yeah Molly, you are SO good at this.  

Was that sarcasm there?  Whatever, Moving on!


Z’s Sightseeing outfit~32$




I think I could see myself wearing this WHOLE outfit!  But Saige said it was for mix and match.  What do Beauty Guru’s know about one of my MANY fields of expertise, Fashion!?FFD97_Z_Dog_1

Z’s Dog, Popcorn~28$


Too expensive, and way too ordinary.  We already have too many pets to take care of in this house!  But now that we have an extr-



Z’s Scooter~ 50$


OK, this is WAY too expensive but just imagine yours truly riding on this HUGE metal, YELLOW scooter all through town!  THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!  But Sam said it’s too expensive.


Z’s Filming Accessories~28$


This is the set we are for sure buying!

EVENTUALLY.  Not for quite a while.  

Yeah..but THE PRETTY BACKPACK!  And the camcorder, and the tripod, and the camera.. MY favorite!


Z’s desk~120$


THIS IS AMAZING!  I love it so much!  You know who would get SO much use out of this.. Valerie, our new sister!


Whoopsies!  Just ignore that last little tidbit of information.. Hehe….Hehe..He.


Whoops!  Looks like I gotta go!  Until next time!

What part of Z’s Collection Will YOU buy?  We are looking into the camera set.  AND YES I BOUGHT A NEW DOLL.  THERE.  Guess which one, if I haven’t already told you!  






36 thoughts on “Molly’s Opinions on Z. Yang and her Collection

  1. Z is gorgeous! Like, I don’t own any AG dolls, but if I could have one it would totally be her. And seriously, her filming equipment…I have one of my stuffies in mind which it would totally fit…but hey, $28. And $115 for the doll. XD

    AHH YES MOLLY I KNOW WHICH KIND OF DOLL SHE IS. SHE’S–*claps hand over mouth*

    Liked by 1 person

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