All of our AGdollawesome photo bloopers!

Hey everybody!  Only 14 days!  So, ya’ see, I’m sorta sick, like my throat is really hurting, and I was going to go to school today, and come home to do this big surprise coming December 30th outside.   And although California doesn’t get much snow, it’s still like 35 degrees out there, and I doubt that temp. would do much good for my cold, huh?

I really didn’t know what to post today, since I’m too lazy to upload Samantha’s nutcracker photos, but I was wondering how to make a post with pictures I already have, and I thought of bloopers..

You see, Agdollawesome has many bloopers, often in every other post, so here’s a post to look back and maybe laugh a little, idk.  So here we go!


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So first up, we have our most recent blooper, Molly without any pants.  😀  (And I say it’s too cold outside??)  It was also very interesting that she had shoes on…


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Well this is sure a sight!  Looks like’s Somebody’s a little jealous of the newest addition!


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Another kitty blooper!  Twila is making sure everyone knows she’s a cute kitty too!

This hasn’t been posted, idk if it ever will be…


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Twila’s a little shocked!


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Poor Emily!  This wasn’t exactly a blooper in my how to dry off your doll post, but I laughed when I saw this in my media library!  Yes, her bum is perfectly dry now.  😉


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This wasn’t a blooper either, but it pretty much defines me during PE.  XD

imagelink to this post with the disturbing photo

This is quite disturbing.  Why on earth did I show you how I made the chocolate in THE GRASS?  Just to clear up, this is clay, not the other stuff.  XD


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This was my fist real post ever, with one of the worst pictures I have ever taken!

Well, I hope you enjoyed!  Comment down below which was the funniest, and be sure to look back at my archives, there might be something I missed.  😉




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