The Farmer’s Market


Hey guys!  So, the reason why I’m posting so early today is because…I got braces!  They are really sore, they are scratching up the inside of my mouth, but I think I chose really pretty colors!  I got alternating purple, teal, and periwinkle.  Although, not the best time for braces, 6 days before Halloween. 😦

Speaking of Halloween, I know I went really big last year, so we’re going even bigger this year with a photo story, an expectations vs reality, and a costume contest!

I’m also VERY excited for the holiday season, rest assured there will be lots of Dolliday fun!  but the last exciting thing I have to share with you is that the official release date of Mermaid Cove is Saturday, November 5th!  Now, lets take  a rest with some photos of the doll farmers market I set up for Fall.  🙂



My favorite part of doing this was setting up the flower stand. I overturned a planting troth and laid real flowers from our garden on top!  However, I’m not as proud of the photography as of the details, but I’m determined to practice focus on my camera.  😉

Do you have braces?

Do you ever go to Fall farmer’s markets?

-Sam and the dolls


Thank you all so much for the responses to the post yesterday. Especially, Madi, Clara, Jaclynn,  jackylina, Christian Homeschooler, and The Joys of Julia.  You guys really helped.  🙂


3 thoughts on “The Farmer’s Market

  1. WOW! That setup is SO cute! I love the flower stand and the two food ones, they all look so realistic and amazing! You did an incredible job! 😀
    I don’t have braces, but I’m getting Invisalign… tomorrow at 10 AM! *gasp* I’m super excited for it. LOL. 😛
    And aw, you’re welcome! 😄 ❤

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