Cinderella: Part One

Hello!  Are you ready for Cinderella?  I am!  I changed the cast a bit so i do not have a poster ready.  Partly because I have a new character and partly because I ordered a Cinderella dress and I am waiting for it to come.  Lets take a look at our cast for Part One!

Ella:  Grace Thomas

Mother:  Amelia Jones


There once lived a beautiful girl named Ella.


She lived with her mother, and together they faced their poor life in the English countryside.


They loved one another, and although they were poor, they took pleasure in the little things.   Their little kingdom was always bright and beautiful.


Until one day, darkness struck the kingdom.

imageMother was sick and they both knew it.  They had no bed, only a table, and they had no doctor, only Ella.


Ella cared for her all she could, but she knew the destined fate for her mother.

image  One day, Mother was on her deathbed, and Ella knew it.


But suddenly, her eyes snapped open.  “Ella.”


“Yes Mother?”


“Ella, I have arranged for my sister to come and take care of you.  But you need to make me a promise.”




“I just need you to have courage and no matter what the circumstances are, be kind. ”


“Yes, Mother, I promise you.”


And then, Mother’s eyes snapped shut.  And Ella ran away crying.





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