A 1950’s Christmas with Maryellen


Hello there!  This is Maryellen and today I am going to share with you all how Christmas would be like in my times!  My other historical sisters will also be doing this with hoe their Christmas would be like.  Lets get started!


First up, lets talk about my tree!


In the fifties, “futuristic” and “sci-fi” inspired trees were totally in.  The reason for this was because space exploration was introduced at the time.  You can see a modern and vintage pink tree here.


Of coarse, every girl has to have a Christmas wishlist, right?


I would have loved it if Santa had dropped off a brand new french poodle skirt under the tree,


Or maybe some new saddle shoes,


Or roller skates.  I would have loved ice skates, but ice skating isn’t really a possibility in California.)


In the fifties, since there was no internet, I was mailed a Sears Wishbook, which was basically a giant catalog filled with toys and much more!  An example of a Sears Wishbook is right here.  The example in the link is from 1955!


As you can see, my dress is a simple black, party dress that I would have worn to Christmas parties and such in my day.  The skirt is nice and full.  🙂


Some of my favorite Christmas songs from my time would have been The Twelve Days of Christmas, It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas, and Let It Snow.



I really hope that you enjoyed learning about my fifties Christmas! Remember to drop a comment below and if you liked this post, like it too!  Bye!




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